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Counter Tips to Beat



The Half-Dragon

Shyvana is played in the jungle or occasionally top.

Shen Pantheon Counter Champion


Passive – Adrenaline Rush
Q – Infected Cleaver
W – Burning Agony (Toggle)
E – Masochism
E – Masochism

Counter Champions

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Counter Items

The Black Cleaver
Blade of the Ruined King Cho’Gath Counter Item


You’re feeling pretty good about the game so far. You’ve done one successful gank up top where you got a kill and you blew flash on the enemy mid laner. You’ve just finished your first jungle upgrade and you debate getting boots when suddenly you see the enemy bot lane on low health. Eager for a kill, you start to make your way bot. As you go bot, you debate the possibility of a counter gank. There’s no way; the enemy Shyvana has just been farming all early game. Surely she wouldn’t be proactive and counter gank? You wait in a bush and hope the enemy laners push up a little. Suddenly at the far end of your fog of war you see Shyvana barreling towards your bot lane. You quickly check her items and gasp. Somehow she’s already finished her jungle item in 6 minutes. Your bot lane starts to run away, but she only laughs and transforms into a dragon. You flash under your turret, knowing you’ll be safe under there. You cry as your friends are slaughtered by the dragon just inches from turret safety. Then you look up. Shyvana is standing right there, burning and shaking off the turret bolts like they were drops of rain. You die. She runs away. You hear “Enemy Triple Kill!” then a minute later “The enemy has slain the Dragon!”

Shyvana is a tanky fighter with high base damage and great initiation. She’s great at jumping into an enemy team and running towards its back line, dealing damage to everyone around her as she does it.

In order to stop Shyvana from overrunning your team with her incredibly base stats, you have to take advantages of her weaknesses and know how to stop her from advancing. In this guide, I’ll be teaching you how to send this dragon back to Westeros.


Passive – Adrenaline Rush

Passive – Dragonborn

Shyvana gains bonus armor and magic resistance with levels, which doubles when she’s in Dragon form.

Q – Infected Cleaver

Q – Twin Bite

Human Form: Shyvana’s next basic attack strikes twice, dealing bonus damage, and triggering on-hit effects twice.

Dragon Form: Twin Bite damages all enemies around Shyvana’s primary target.

W – Burning Agony (Toggle)

W – Burnout

Human Form: Shyvana surrounds herself in flame, dealing damage to all nearby enemies and gaining movement speed. Each time she auto attacks, the effect lasts a little longer.

Dragon Form: Shyvana leaves flame on the ground behind her, which continually deals the same magic damage to enemies that pass over it.

E – Masochism

E – Flame Breath

Human Form: Shyvana throws a fireball which deals magic damage and marks enemies for 5 seconds. Basic attacks against marked enemies deal 2.5% of their maximum health as bonus magic damage.

Dragon Form: Shyvana breathes fire on all enemy units in a cone in front of Shyvana.

R – Sadism

R – Dragons Descent 

While in human form, Shyvana’s basic attacks gain fury. At max fury stacks, she gains the ability to become a dragon.

Active: Shyvana launches herself in a target direction, transforming into a dragon, carrying forwards all enemy units and dealing magic damage. She gains attack range in dragon form.

Our Top Counter Tips For Shyvana

Shyvana has no CC and is easy to kite.

Shyvana’s ultimate does a surprising amount of burst damage, so in 1v1 duels, be careful if you’re low on health and her fury bar is full.

In team fights, don’t cluster up, as all of Shyvana’s abilities do AOE damage.

If you’re marked, wait for the mark to fade out to trade with her. It’s free damage for her.

It’s possible to knock Shyvana out of her Dragon’s Descent. If you’re playing Lee Sin for example, simply press your ult on her when she’s coming closer if she’s out of range, and as soon as she comes into range, you’ll kick her away. This is difficult though, so make sure not to be pulled towards her.

Shyvana gains fury by basic attacking, so if you trade with her, make sure she doesn’t get too close to her ultimateform, where she becomes much stronger.

Shyvana as a jungler is generally a strong farmer and duelist. Try focusing on early ganks to snowball your lanes,because if you just farm or try to counter jungle her, she’ll simply outstat you.

Shyvana players often go Exhaust instead of Flash, so in duels be careful if she has Exhaust up.

Shyvana has no dashes apart from her ult, so the best way to tell if she’s ganking a lane is simply to place wards inthe river. She’ll slowly walk up.

Champions That Counter Shyvana



You can have an early impact ganking lanes, you farm just as well as her once you get an item, and induels, you can kite her. However, in most dueling situations she’ll still win if she can reach you, so be careful about dueling her if she has exhaust or red smite. Focus on early ganking lanes.



You can have an early pressure on lanes that she simply can’t match. In addition, you can duel decently when you have your passive up. Consider buying a ZZ’Rot Portal early to counter her dual damage sources.

Riven Nasus Counter Champion


You simply outdamage her at early levels. She needs at least 3 levels to be able to trade with you properly. Make sure to save a little CC for when she tries to run away. Build Black Cleaver first.

Irelia Gnar Counter Champion


Exactly like Riven. Build Trinity Force First.


Zz'Rot Portal

Zz'Rot Portal

Liandry's Torment

Frozen Mallet

Shyvana does physical and magic damage. Therefore, stacking health or getting items like Zz’Rot Portal with dual resistances works well against her. Frozen Mallet is especially good on ranged champions because it allows you to kite her.