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Counter Tips to Beat Rumble


The Mechanized Menace

Rumble is played Top

Azir Head Image


Passive – Shurima’s Legacy
Q – Conquering Sands
W – Arise
E – Shifting Sands
R – Emperor’s Divide

Counter Champions

Fizz Veigar Counter Champion
Darius Counter Tips 1
Riven Nasus Counter Champion

Counter Items

Hexdrinker Anivia Counter Item
Hexdrinker Anivia Counter Item
Quicksilver Sash


Rumble is a teamfighting mage who is unique in the way that he does not utilize mana, instead using Heat as a resources, that when managed well, can turn him into a terror to lane against, and when managed poorly actually causes him to silence himself. Regardless, he is an extreme threat in teamfights with his ability to use The Equalizer to burn through an enemy teams health with and force them into retreat, or to force them into a bad fight by laying it behind them in a choke. Still, with that in mind he has some pretty glaring weaknesses.


Passive – Shurima’s Legacy

Passive – Junkyard Titan

Every spell Rumble casts gives him Heat. When he reaches 50% Heat he reaches Danger Zone, granting all his basic abilities bonus effects. When he reaches 100% Heat, he starts Overheating, granting his basic attacks bonus damage, but making him unable to cast spells for a few seconds.

Q – Conquering Sands

Q – Flamespitter

Rumble torches opponents in front of him, dealing magic damage in a cone for 3 seconds. While in Danger Zone this damage is increased.

W – Arise

W – Scrap Shield

Rumble pulls up a shield, protecting him from damage and granting him a quick burst of speed. While in Danger Zone, the shield strength and speed bonus is increased.

E – Shifting Sands

E – Electro Harpoon

Rumble launches a taser, electrocuting his target with magic damage and slowing their Movement Speed. Rumble can carry 2 harpoons at a time. While in Danger Zone the damage and slow percentage is increased.

R – Emperor’s Divide

R – The Equalizer

Rumble fires off a group of rockets, creating a wall of flames that damages and slows enemies.

Our Top Counter Tips For Rumble

There are very few champions that have such obvious indicators of their ability to trade as Rumble does. if his heat gets too high, for example, if he is one spell from overheating, pressure him.

Very short trades are the name of the game. Wait for him to use the flamespitter, trade in a minion wave, and escape back into your own minion wave so that his Electro Harpoons cannot slow you for long enough to bring his Flamespitter back up.

Do not underestimate the damage that comes out of The Equalizer. Yes it is 'Eventual' damage, as opposed to burst damage, but it hurts a lot, and 'Eventual' doesn't mean never. The longer you're on it, the more it hurts, and when he has his Liandries Torment, it hurts a lot.

Don't start a teamfight with Rumble MIA. He's flank/Ult your team, and that'll ruin you.

Champions That Counter Rumble

Fizz Veigar Counter Champion

Xin Zhao

He can do a lot of damage faster than Rumble can do his eventual damage, he can also sustain through part of it, and even has minor CC he can hit Rumble with. Not to mention that if he gets on top of Rumble, he can't really run away.



He can just kill him and stop him from running away with the flip. Once he's caught he doesn't have an escape, and he won't do as much damage to Volibear as Volibear does to him. Even if he did, Voli's passive is going to save him from lethal damage.

Darius Counter Tips 1


Ouch. Darius can hurt Rumble really badly. He has the ability to trade in minions and gains health from trading well. He can pull Rumble in, stacking hemorrhage and taking advantage of Rumbles lack of actual mobility. As long as you don't make the mistake of trading poorly away from a minion wave, you'll be fine and can dunk him at six if he doesn't play defensively enough.

Kayle Olaf Counter Champion


He tries to hit a creep, you stun into combo, he runs away, because he can't outdamage you, his flamespitter is useless, you repeat this and win the lane, it's a true nightmare for him, and doing this enough means you'll kill him. I'll always recommend taking Teleport so that you can use your advantage elsewhere, but if you were ever going to take ignite in a matchup, it should be one as easy as this one.


Maw of Malmortius Cho’Gath Counter Item

Maw of Malmortius

Spirit Visage Diana Counter Item

Spirit Visage

Abyssal Scepter Azir Counter Item

Abyssal Scepter

Take Magic Resist. Maw of Malmortius for AD Laners, and Veil/Spirits Visage for tanks. AP champions can build Athene's or Abyssal Scepter.